Near Viscaya in Coconut Grove, ironically installed underneath a sign so bleached by the Florida sun as to be totally unreadable, and now with a sign directly under it warning that there is a $50 fine for not reading it. Not reading the unreadable sign?

Anyone who’s worked knows there are things you notice while you’re doing your job that you only notice because you are there. There are times when a small thing you notice appears to be a microcosm of a larger issue. For instance, standing very close to this sign you see tiny type (second image on this page) on the yellow sign that is too small to be seen under normal conditions of driving or walking by. However looking closely at the edge of the very top sign are the words: “PROPETY OF MIAMI-DADE COUNTY.”

Well, that’s pretty darn close. Missing one “R”, big deal. Nobody’s going to read it anyway, so what’s the difference. And they did get Miami-Dade right. So that counts.

Poem: Josh Landsman Image









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